NH heated brick paver

Electric Snow Melting Systems

Nowak landscape is now installing electric snow melting systems for your walkway or patio.

These easy to use systems from Warmzone will melt any amount of snow as it falls. At today’s electric rates you will pay 63 cents per hour that the system is running. The system only runs when the outdoor sensor detects moisture and 32 degrees.

For more information give Brian a call or follow the link to the Warmzone website..

Never shovel again.


  1. Interested in getting a quote (sometime in January) for a heated driveway and heated front walkway installed – heated driveway is for the upper portion in front of the three car garage only.

    The front walkway and patio are all bricks (need to be lifted and reset).

    Getting a quote (in January) and then scheduled for the spring.

    • I am going to need to rebuild my driveway in the near future. I thought this would be a good time to install a electric snow melting system.

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